3 activities to start practicing in retirement

3 activities to start practicing in retirement

Without pressure or responsibility, retirement is a moment of freedom, where you can finally take the time to live. Yes, but how to spend your time in retirement?

1. Do works in your house and your garden. The transition to retirement is the perfect time to make arrangements at home, such as changing your home decoration. If you have green spaces, you can also build a vegetable garden or a pool.

2. Practice sports. The practice of moderate physical activity helps tone up the body and muscles. For example, you can organize excursions or be part of a tennis club on the Costa del Sol, the goal is not to stay at home all the time.

3. Travel. Trips organized by a country club on the Costa del Sol or any association are popular activities with older people. You can participate to visit cities and tourist sites that you have not had the opportunity to discover during your working life. These trips will also allow you to meet new people and see other horizons.

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